Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Urban Picked Up Paper Color Chart

This is the Final Proposal for Stephen Schudlich's project.

I am creating an urban based color chart. This chart is made up of color information tiles (1) based on waste paper found on the streets that make up the Intersection (it has to be paper that is improperly disposed of.) This waste paper is a source of determining some of the habits and activities of the people who frequent the intersection. I am cataloging these different samples based on purpose or use. These include Hand Written Information, Romance, Junk Food, Spiritual Guidance, Medical, Ticket or Pass,etc. I am providing a key (2) to explain various purpose/usage signaling icons. I am then breaking each scanned item down into a CMYK printer formula and giving the color a name based largely on an urban lexicon.
J. Crew gives us colors like celery and pumpkin. The Urban Picked Up Paper Color Chart will give us colors like filter (a cigarette butt) or ronald red (mcdonalds box) or booked (yellowed page from a copy of Cannery Row found in a field behind The Whitney.) These tiles will be arranged in alphabetical or prismatic order in a wall mounted chart (3).

This chart will be printed on canvas and integrated into a wall mounted retractable screen system such as used in many academic/institutional environments.
Paper used in the piece will be contained in a plexiglass box mounted either on the wall beneath the chart, or on the floor.

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